Animax Carnival PH 2016

Last October 15, 2016, I went to another cosplay event, the Animax Carnival PH 2016, in SMX Convention Center. My ultimate goal for this event is to buy my next Kongou sister, Haruna or Kirishima, which is, sadly, not yet available. I’ve been babbling about the Kongou Sisters since my first cosplay-related blog, so… if you’re curious as to who are these Kongou Sisters I’m wanting to collect, here’s a video for you to check on.

Quick Trivia: The Kongou Sisters of Kantai Collection are the four battleships: Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, and Kirishima

Well, apart from this event is costly than Cosplay Mania 2016 (the VIP ticket costs 1,200 pesos), the greatest event for me is to meet Bu-sama’s team mates in real life, Marui and Nom (Nomad is the IGN, but we’ll call him Nom instead), and taking part into another concert, this time, on the VIP section (though for me, I am not that VIP, really… LOL) I only attended Day 1, because simply I am very tired from the concert to resume Day 2, and the risk of my bio clock to reset is high.

The Event

Upon entry to SMX Convention Center (after a lot of time figuring out who’s Nom among the crowd), I took a photo of the map (just to make sure I have one, though I know they will provide anyway). Interestingly, the sponsors are plenty, that’s why a travel checklist (more like an Event Checklist) is provided in the loot.

I may not enumerate all of the things we did, simply because it won’t fit into my blog entirely (it will turn into a news article), so I’ll share the noticeable things I saw during the event.

A. Playstation VR and the Girl in VR

Playstation VR and the girl on goggles.

I was amazed when I saw this booth in the event. The lady, wearing the VR goggles while playing the game (I don’t know the game.), is demonstrating how the Playstation VR is being played. When I saw this one, I felt like I haven’t actually moved on from my Playstation 2 console that I’ve always wanted to play it (recent game was Suikoden V, as part of my bucket list to finish the game before 2016 ends).

B. Kitkat Matcha Green Tea and the weird sign

Next is the Kit Kat Booth, wherein you can get your bingo card (bingo card? lol) signed once you take a nyelfie in the matcha green tea Kit Kat bench. But what really caught our eyes is “Why is the sampling activity not for ages 18 and below?” I mean, I can’t get a sample if I am only 17 y/o? So what’s with the Kit Kat? I’ve asked the guy in green clothes. He made mention that it needs a parent’s consent to get a sample. Uhm… not really sure why, but I didn’t bother because he’s busy. 😛

I haven’t got to test the Matcha Green Tea flavor (because we’re only up for the signature). Rumors have been spreading that there are two tastes of Kit Kat Matcha Green Tea, and that’s… “my assignment” 😀

C. Some games in one corner…

So Marui tried out the Hanetsuki game and the other one (I don’t remember and I didn’t capture some with him), in which the goal of the game is to at least make the shuttlecock go into the three containers within the time limit. Well, it seems the one in the wiki and the game in the event is quite different, but as long as it’s fun, I don’t mind.

The wooden paddle makes me remember the Lambda Hard Quartz from PSO2, and it’s being used as a talis (a throwing weapon wherein you can cast magics from a long range, soooo imagine this wooden paddle being thrown?)

There were a lot more things to share but they’re just quick trips to take a shot. So many sponsors, so limited time.

The Concert Proper

Since I have only attended Day 1 of the event, and as usual, concerts don’t allow any capturing devices, I can’t show any pictures other than my light stick 😀 Maybe soon, I will buy a Kingblade for myself, though I might not be using it everytime I attend an event. I bought two pieces, for the sake of actually making it two-colored, but I gave the other one to Marui instead. I picked the pink one and gave him the red one.

The rundown of the singers is ELISA & Yanagi Nagi for Day 1 and May’n and Ami Wajima for Day 2.

Between ELISA and Yanagi Nagi, ELISA is my pick, since I love high voices (sorry Marui and Bu-sama, but I’m with ELISA), and the favorite song I heard from her is her Absolute Perfection. She also sang Dear my Friend, and Wonder Wind (one of Hayate no Gotoku theme song). The themes of her songs, especially the Rouge Adolescence remind me of Ali Project‘s Arika Takarano, though ELISA’s voice is one of the best for me. ‘-‘)b

I recognized May’n when I had Scarlet Ballet on my playlist. It got lost on my playlist because it was on my backlogs to watch Aria the Scarlet Ammo (Hidan no Aria), but thanks to my laziness, I already forgot to get a copy. 😐 This is the reason why I wasn’t that excited for May’n.

It was a fun and exciting event after all. No regrets. 😀

Sadly, one of our friends, Lalabells, Bu-sama’s duo, wasn’t able to come with us. ( Lala we won’t forget you, even in this post, wish you were with us 😦 ). Maybe next year, you can be able to join us. ‘-‘)b

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