My First Steam Experience

At last, I had the courage to try spending for Steam. Well, it’s not my first time to spend something on games and whatnot, but this is my first time for Steam. For some reason, Steam has always attracted me but made me scared because I do not have any credit card to use for it. Fortunately, Steam has a way to buy credits using prepaid cards.

Introducing the Steam Wallet.

For some reason, this card is quite expensive compared to those game cards I’ve bought (Level Up is the particular game card, which has its own risks). For a credit of 500 pesos, you can buy this for… PHP 625.00 at DataBlitz. When I asked, how come this card is ridiculously expensive, the sales clerk told me that it depends on DataBlitz’s pricing scheme. I feel that one of the factors also is the current exchange rate in the Philippines.

As of this writing, the exchange rate is now… 1 USD to 49.85 PHP. Oh crap! It used to be 45 PHP. Oh well. =.=

Hopefully, I got it on Php 600.00 because I paid in cash, but still very expensive for me. Topping up is flawless! 😀 Sadly, after buying the card, I suffered a 4-hour long waiting in the FX terminal in SM Megamall. (crap that waiting time) Those hours, I already sang a lot of songs, the queue is not moving at all. 😦 I felt like a crazy guy there.  (yeah, I did it anyway)

So you might be asking, what did I buy for 500 pesos worth of Steam credits? It’s Rocket League. 😀 Since Steam is on Autumn sale until 30th of November, 2016, I took the opportunity to buy the game for 40% Discount.


When I first take a plunge into this game, it was overwhelming, considering that my eyes aren’t good for racing games. Rocket League has a very simple goal. It’s as easy as playing soccer, but you are “on wheels” 🙂 Yesterday was my first trial of the game. It didn’t fail me. I absolutely enjoyed the game, with Kenneth, Ryan, and a new acquaintance, Zefbut well, I’m still newb >.<

So since I have a spare 200 pesos, I’m now torn between spending it for Deus Ex and Half-Life 2 or keeping it for CS:GO for the next sale. Oh well, I guess it won’t be gone forever. Apart from my buying experience, I’ve redownloaded Neverwinter due to my dislike with Blade and Soul. From Steam, I had the opportunity to re-connect with my friends. This started from DotA 2 though. And speaking of DotA 2, I’ve been like ultimately rusty from playing the game. I do not know anymore how to last hit and stuff. Oh well, everything takes time.

That’s it for now 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post. 😀

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