Ozine Fest 2017

It’s the time of the year again, one of my favorite conventions to satisfy my anime hunger, are cosplay conventions, thus the Ozine Fest 2017 happened, held at SM Megamall. Though I actually failed to come to the main concert of Mitsuko Horie and Takayuki Miyauchi (to be held today as of this writing), I only came on the first day because of shortage of money (wish I have a lot of money though).

Since I came in as early bird (though Bu-chama is already inside), I got the event’s freebie. The ticket though was quite expensive (Php 300.00) but meh, it’s still fun.

The freebie and the event ticket (excluding OO-kun since he’s from Animax Carnival 2016)

It seems boring at first, due to the number of attendees on the first day, but I am not there for the population, but to be able to come with my friends and enjoy the day.

The event has started with a competition for aspiring singers. They’re only 3 on that day, which they sang We Are! (theme song of One Piece), Yuzurenai Negai (theme song of Magic Knight Rayearth) and one song from Yuri on Ice.

Next is the donut eating contest in which a race to the number of Dunkin Donuts to be able to eat in a limited time. Not that I wanted a donut, but the pizza one is more tasty than donuts. 😀 We stayed on the side of the Megatrade Hall while waiting for Nom and for the transfer of PSO2 JP & new animes to watch 😉

The most interesting being the quiz bee of who’s the anime character, which comprises of anime characters from various anime series, having the twist of more points if you’re able to guess who’s the voice behind the character. There are four teams for starters, and reduced to two teams on Round 2, and the winning team will compete one-on-one. It was quite fun for me since I was like haven’t had a decent anime marathon after Shounen Maid.

After the competition was, I think, a lengthy break. We’ve watched the first episode of Kill la Kill, which piqued my eye due to the interesting first episode (adds this to my anime list). When Nom arrived, we started roaming around the shops in the event and here’s what I found:

These mini figurines (actually I don’t know how these are called)… like OMG SO CUTE I WANT TO BUY ALL OF THEM but my wallet is crying.

Also these Gudetama mini-figurines…

The fun part in my window shopping is the plushie of my idol, Lady Gaga, which is actually Neko Atsume’s Lady Meow Meow. I know my money is already crying but LADY MEOW MEOW IS CUTE! I now lack the hammock. 😆

Neko Atsume’s Lady Meow Meow plushie by Banpresto, costs Php 600.00

Then when Marui arrived, we four had an open-minded conversation at the (I think newly opened) Starbucks on the first floor, had a catching up discussion and.. oh Lala I wish you were here. 😦

Well, we went back to the Megatrade Hall. While slacking there, a woman approached me and was approached me like “OMG Black Monkey Pro! OwO”. She hinted me of a Yaoi convention to be held next year (I wish I can have a long term memory).

We all parted ways at around 6PM. As usual, it’s already rush hour, but it’s FUN!

Well then, see you next time! 🙂

P.S. For the unwrapping of Lady Meow Meow video, I can’t still unwrap it coz it’s very very very sturdy like maybe it needs to get burned to be opened. /s

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