Summoners’ War

For today, we’ll be reviewing a mobile game, Summoners’ War by Com2uS. Honestly, I am not a fan of mobile games due to some mobile games being dependent on auto-play features, some are troublesome to play and mostly are pay-to-win. But then, Summoners War isn’t one of them (hopefully).

First of all, the user interface of menus makes me remember of Dark Cloud 2, which is cartoony in nature but it’s not that dirty.

My monsters as of this writing.

The monster system comprises of two parts, one is evolution and the other one is awakening. Evolution lets you increase the ranks of your monsters by fusing them based on the current rank. Example, you want to evolve a 4-star monster into a 5-star monster one, you need 4 of 4-star random monsters to proceed. Awakening on the other hand, lets your current monster to acquire their final form by using materials (in a form of magic orbs and elemental orbs). Awakening a monster grants any one of the following: Leader skills, increased stats or a new monster skill.

Monsters use runes to pump up their powers! (Such noob monsters of mine)

Of course, since monsters are used in battle, they’re powered up by runes. Runes here are similar to Blade and Soul’s pieces. Some rune pieces have set effects in which, the good news is, effects are stackable. For example, the Fatal rune on the image above requires 4 runes to activate it’s set effect.

Battle system. Currently in a secret dungeon to get a monster by farming it’s summoning pieces. I’m on auto-mode because lazy 😐

The battle system is turn-based, so you can take your time to think of every move you like. It’s a good thing for me for an RPG gamer who likes to take time on things. The fun thing is that, if you’re bored of repeating stuff or you are farming something and your monsters are capable enough, you can just press the Auto-Play button. I usually play semi-auto, meaning I only manually act when a boss appears.

By progressing into the game, it allows you to unlock resources and maps, which yields either new runes or new monsters. Now if you may ask, how can you get monsters? Of course, Summoning!

It’s summoning time!

There are multiple ways to summon monsters. The game offers scrolls of low tier (unknown scrolls), high tier (mystical scrolls, elemental scrolls, legendary scrolls), social summons, summon by monster pieces and summoning pieces (haven’t tried, 6/50), though I’m sure I have missed some.

You may ask, I have limits to the number of monsters I can have, what should I do? For monsters with silver stars, you can use them as fodders to power up monsters by means of the power-up circle 😉

Power-up Circle 😀

To be able to get higher tier monsters, there are a few ways, the well-known being Fusion summoning. For example, the Dark Ifrit (Veromos) below can be summoned by offering the following awakened monsters below. Here’s the grindy part in my opinion, but what’s an RPG without grinding anyway.

I wish I have materials 😦 lol

Of course, there are some infrastructures which will help you in becoming the great summoner in this game (speaking of tall tales eh?).

My base. Quite dirty. :/

Summoners’ War has guild battles and PvPs too! Since I am low-level and have noob monsters at the moment, I cannot join the Guild wars. For PvP, there’s that Arena and World Arena. Since I am not that a fan of PvPs (because I’m noob 😦 ), I hadn’t participated frequently in World Arena.


Well, I won’t spoil so many things for now, all I can say is it’s a good game to play! Not exactly pay-to-win but it’s good enough for Free-2-Win, all it takes is patience. 😀


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