Stanley Parable

I have actually reviewed this game in the past but I think this is worth crossposting it here, but I added some of my ratings. 🙂

I bought this game last Christmas 2016 since I was entirely bored that night. I still had a few credits in my Steam account so I’ve googled some “interesting” games, and this crossed my eyes. Entitled “The Stanley Parable“, in a glance, it seems like a “meh, another joke, pfft.”, but when I played it, I told myself, I’ll be playing this, no regrets.

And I didn’t regret this gem. 🙂

The Stanley Parable is an interactive fiction game, in which you are Stanley (also known as Employee # 427), an employee in a large company wherein his job is very simple. He’ll press buttons on the keyboard as ordered by his boss thru the monitor. Nothing more, nothing less. Until the day came that Stanley hadn’t been receiving orders in the past few hours. He wondered and stared, waited until he recovers his sense, and check outside.

The game starts inside your cubicle, with the narrator, telling you where to go, what to check and what to do. However, the game also lets you explore things like defying the narrator’s orders, an example – going to the right door instead of going to the left door as instructed by the narrator. The most interesting part here is that the narrator tends to break the fourth wall whenever you try to defy the story’s path.

Stanley’s office, which the employees are gone. Where are they anyway?

While I was playing this game, I thought there would be like zombies surprising in your way, so I almost stopped the game when the player proceeds to the underground facility. Fortunately, the game has no combat, totally all yours to explore (you’re alone here anyway aside from the narrator.)

By defying the narrator’s story, you unlock different endings on how Stanley will finish the story (depends on your choices and creativity). Of course, in order to entirely enjoy the game, don’t spoil yourself by viewing other playthroughs. Trust me, it’ll spoil the game.

First Impressions. Stanley Parable did not fail me from being an interesting game. I was really expecting anything scary in the game, but as I play it blindly, I really enjoyed the Narrator more than the goal – to exit the building, freedom! It wasn’t really disturbing as it’s more of a corporate scenario. 9/10 for this.

BGM is awesome! Nothing to comment as it’s more adaptable as to where you are. Though I should add that the sound effects are on point. 7/10 for this!

Gameplay. Stanley Parable is simple to play. Basic directional buttons (W, A, S, and D) plus Spacebar for jumping are the only things you need. No weapons, no armour, nothing but yourself, since there are no enemies inside. The narrator will be the one to control your correct route or decide not to follow him is your choice. 9/10 here!

Replayability.  As this game has numerous endings that you can actually be able to accomplish immediately, it’s primarily replayable especially the Achievements in Steam. 😆 Creativity is key here. 9/10 for this!

Specialties. Aside from the fact that this game breaks the fourth wall, it tends to make you concerned about your decisions – you can turn back anyway. If you try to reset the game, it can actually trigger another event. So many special things to try here, however, some are not evident. 7/10 here!


  • First Impressions: 9/10
  • BGM: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Replayability: 9/10
  • Specialties: 7/10

My Rating: 82% – while Stanley Parable is a great game, I guess the minor concern for a newbie would be how many endings the player can get out of it, and that’s his task if he wishes to play further.

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