Fire Emblem Heroes

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Since my PC is having hiccups when playing high-end games, I’ve decided to look for some interesting mobile games. I left my Google Play to use Australia as the main country due to my visit last October to Sydney for business purposes and haven’t reverted it back yet. While browsing for some games, this familiar title came up: Fire Emblem Heroes.


Developed by Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes is known to be a tactical role-playing game. I am not a fan of the game nor have tried to play at least one of the fifteen published games. The reason I mentioned that my Google Play was left in Australia is that this game is region-locked and Nintendo will add more in the future. Fortunately, even if I downloaded the game, it doesn’t throttle my connection (I reside in the Philippines), which is a plus! However, this prevents me to link it with a Nintendo account as the game is not available to me. Boo!

The story follows a silent protagonist which you have to name it, though it has a default name provided. The silent protagonist is a Summoner which the one who summoned you wanted to actually summon the real Great Hero. Suddenly, they are being attacked by the Emblian soldiers and forced to fight thus your adventure starts here.

As of this writing, there are 9 main chapters and a lot of maps to choose from as you progress through the game.

First Impressions

As this is my first tactics game on a smartphone, I felt overwhelmed at first. My concern is that if you are not careful of what you’re tapping, you might get excited and use the default name – which can be changed in-game. It seems the game has no back-read functionality which is troublesome if you accidentally tapped the conversation and missed something juicy, especially if you are new to the series.

UI-wise, the look and feel is awesome – very polished!

I’ll rate it as 7/10!





It’s a brilliant idea to bring tactics-based games into smartphones as it’s nicer if you could just drag and drop the heroes to the tiles. However, as a total newbie and not a fan of the series, you will be overwhelmed with the number of heroes you can acquire and determine the best synergies.

The game uses the Team System, which you can create up to 10 teams of 4 heroes, and if you are curious about them, the Catalog of Heroes is available for viewing once the hero has been acquired.

I’ll rate this as 9/10 on gameplay!




In-game Transactions.


At max, it’s Php 4,620.00 for a 140 Orbs.


Apparently, the orbs are way pricey simply because it’s in Australian Dollars. To give you an idea, 1 Australian Dollar = 38.50 Philippine Peso, meaning if I need 140 Orbs, I should be spending Php 4,620.00 excluding surcharge. However, the good thing with this game is that if you are used to these parts of the game and stuck being a freemium player, most likely you won’t need to touch these as the Story Mode and other events give orbs also.

So what can your orbs buy? Castle upgrades that give you EXP boost in percentages, summoning heroes during events, increase allies capacity from 300 and many more. I’ll rate this as 9/10 since this is freemium-friendly.








Apart from Story Mode, there are Paralogues, Xenologues, Special Maps, Tempest Trials, Training Towers and even Duels (which is I guess the PvP part of the game) to keep the player busy. As the game progresses, it unlocks more content, which makes me rate this as 9/10!


Account Management and Backup

The game allows you to link up with a Nintendo account. In my case, I cannot be able to link one as what I created is using Philippines – might need to create another one. But then, just having this is already 10/10 to me!



  • First Impressions: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • In-game transactions: 9/10
  • Quests: 9/10
  • Account Management & Backup: 10/10

My Rating: 88% – While Fire Emblem series is an interesting one to follow with, the smartphone app is a great upgrade, especially by utilizing the touch functionality. I would really recommend this if it is available in your country. 🙂

Well, that’s it! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading my game review. Till next time! Byiiiieeee~

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