Hollow Knight

Hello everyone! I hope you guys have a great time. It’s 2018! Yay! Happy New Year!

To start the new year, I am to review one of the games that’s ultimately got me hooked -The Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania video game developed and published by Australian studio Team Cherry. You play as the Hollow Knight, drawn to the depths of the Forgotten Kingdom, where most adventurers are after something – riches, glory or answers to secrets of the kingdom. You are equipped with an old nail (the main weapon, much more like a one-hand sword) and an ability to heal using souls, and as you progress throughout the game, you gain powers and items to help with roadblocks and continue exploring the world.

First Impressions

My first impression is that it’s similar to some Castlevania games and it’s much more like Dawn of Sorrow, so Castlevania fans would really feel at home here (including me). I was expecting this game to be some kind of dialogue-intensive game similar to Valkyrie Profile.

In terms of aesthetics, the game really feels like you are in a medieval era but on a dark fantasy theme. I thought I’ll be exploring a castle full of skeletons, but what I can see are bugs (literally bugs, not software bugs) in an underground world.

10/10 for me!


Awesome background music that it changes from one place to another and a different BGM is sometimes silent whenever an upcoming boss is on the way. BGM is also different when you’ll be facing your own shadow (the place where you died which is marked by your shade.) An 8/10 for this.


The Hollow Knight is easy to play using a controller which I love as I enjoy much of my games on a controller unless it’s an RTS game like Red Alert and Battle Realms, which I much prefer keyboard and mouse.

Hollow Knight 12_29_2017 7_02_33 PM
Yup, it’s easy to play using a controller here!

As you explore throughout the Forgotten Kingdom, you’ll always be jumping and dashing throughout areas which really tests your patience, think about how you’ll want to get there or decide to wait for a power to support that area.

Hollow Knight 12_30_2017 12_08_11 AM
An elevator that can be flipped with your nail (sword).
Hollow Knight 12_29_2017 7_38_11 PM
Fog Canyon. Speaking of jumping and dashing throughout the game.

Also, you’ll get yourself items that help you defeat bosses such as charms that provide multiple capabilities, vessels that increase your soul capacity, and masks that increase your life points. Charms here can exceed the notch limit in exchange for decreased defence from enemies, which the game calls “overcharmed”. One thing is that you can only change your charms on save points (which are benches), which adds to the problem of not changing any enhancements on demand.

Hollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_44_08 PM
The Hollow Knight’s inventory

One of the unusual things on charms is that you have to occupy one charm notch to help you locate where you are now on the map, which should have already been there without any charms at all, but I’ve thought that in reality, you do not really know where you are in the Forgotten Kingdom.

Hollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_43_28 PM
A collection of charms which possesses different powers. 

As you also progress through the game, you’ll acquire a Hunter’s Journal, which works like a bestiary of all the monsters you have defeated and added lore when you killed enough of them in a form of Hunter’s notes. If it is a Hunter’s Journal, shouldn’t it have all the enemies there and you have to browse and hunt? Or maybe it’s just a blank journal that allows you to write out things and suddenly the journal magically reveals additional information?

Hollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_43_36 PM
Defeat 7 more to decipher Hunter’s notes. 

You can save your game and resume anytime by sitting on the bench and fall asleep or rest. It also allows you to restore health and change charms.

Hollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_45_27 PM
Resting on the bench allows saving automatically and equip charms. 


One of the features of the game is travelling thru different transportation methods, which one of them is the Stagways. As you progress through the game, you’ll see toll machines that require Geo (the main currency in the game) to be unlocked. Once unlocked, you have to ring the bell to call The Last Stag, the only stag remaining in the whole kingdom. He’ll be the one to help you travel through places in the whole kingdom.

Hollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_44_32 PMHollow Knight 1_1_2018 10_45_00 PM

The rest of the features are for you to find out 🙂 Overall, I am hooked on this game, which I’ll give a 10/10 for gameplay – simple and fun!

Replayability and Specialties

The game hosts three endings and a lot of tasks to do, which is up for us to unveil. The tasks to do include making the completion rating be 100% (of course, who doesn’t want it?). I’ve played this via Steam so most likely I’m also after Steam achievements for bragging rights!

The game also includes a Steel Soul mode, which is acquired after finishing the game once. Steel Soul mode works like New Game+ but on the Hardcore setting, meaning once you die, the game ends and no respawns will occur, which is a good thing for those who are brave enough to challenge themselves. Probably not for me as I always die in-game.

Since the game is also backed on Kickstarter, it will most likely get more things to enjoy, one of them being another playable character (hope it’s Hornet)!

With this, it’s a perfect 10/10 also!


  • First Impressions: 10/10
  • BGM: 8/10
  • Gameplay: 10/10
  • Replayability & Specialties: 10/10

My Rating: 95% – Hollow Knight is one game I really wanted to recommend to everyone, especially it’s very beginner friendly. 🙂 I don’t believe it should be an underrated game as it’s ultimately cool game! 🙂 Kudos to Team Cherry! 😀

Well, that’s it! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Until next time! Byiiiieeee~

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