The Fierce Rainbow Mage

It has been months since I last posted on my old blog which will retire soon. I have contemplated about things in life and I realized I should not place myself inside a box and push myself for the better. With that, I am about to start again the journey of running a gaming blog.

Another day, another slay!

~ BeBe Zahara Benet, RuPaul’s Drag Race

Why Start Over Again? 

Thanks to some ideas from observing The Well-Red Mage‘s website, I have a lot of things that came up, which we can say the failures of concocting better magic powers.

First off, it was tainted with life problems which prevent me to express things clearly. It is a recurring issue, and for me to be able to cope up, I have to learn how to be mindful of things.

While the goal of the old blog is to try out games that are out of my league (anything not RPG) and provide first impressions, it proved difficult to provide greater ideas and eventually straying from the goal itself. This time, I am throwing away the concept of adding criteria to the succeeding games I am planning to play and review, and replace with a much more positivity and things for improvement. I did transfer the games I’ve reviewed here to remind me that there’ll be bad times and there’ll always be good times.

Lastly, it lacks some wiggle room to enhance my skills in writing using the English language. I have invested some of my resources into working on grammar, thesis construction, making use of Grammarly, and learning to flesh out the areas of improvement through books. Because reading is what? Fundamental.

From Huge Categories to Five

When I was still in the days where blogging is more of expressing the passion to write anything, I am a huge abuser of categories. It’s a bit problematic to sort out topics that are worth discussing and topics that are better discussed somewhere else. From my brainstorming, I reduced all those categories into five.

  • Reviews. This category will focus on game reviews, regardless of where to play them.
  • Thoughts and Opinions. This category will focus on topics that relate to gaming as a whole, and what the future can possibly bring to the young and old alike in the era of knowledge
  • A Shade of Rainbow. This category will focus on topics pertaining to LGBTQIA+ in the gaming world, where “gender is a construct, tear it apart“. Anything that may possibly be NSFW will be tagged accordingly and images will not feature pornography as well.
  • Off the Controls. This category will focus more on events in real life – conferences, gaming conventions, and much more.
  • PSO2 Koi Koi. This category is dedicated to anything PSO2 from the Phantasy Star franchise by SEGA. This is the current MMORPG game I am playing – though I’ll share more of my adventures and what-not. I have forgiven myself for this, so I’ll cover this whenever I like!

I hope you can support me again – this time keeping it simple, and succinctly done.

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