Fictorum, an action RPG game created by Scraping Bottom Games. What makes this interesting to play is that it’s a product of two longtime friends who both enjoy video games.

When you are given another chance to live again, you gain another chance of rewriting history and it is one’s choice if one wishes to seek revenge or let go and live peacefully.

Remember, all of us have choices, some of us make the wrong ones.

~ Tatianna, Tea with Tati

The game follows Fictorum, a powerful kind of sorcerer that specializes in offensive schools of magic of various elements: volcanic, glacial, and storm. The last Fictorum’s out there to take it with his own hands to eliminate the Inquisition, a group of Magical Orders whose main goal is to hunt down the remaining Fictorum in order to seal their powers once and for all.

Here’s my 3-minute gameplay which covers most of the features in the game.

Exciting Features

Triangular Spellcasting System

This game features a triangular spellcasting system, in which you can use various combination of runes alongside the magic spells you get along the way. You can cast multi-shotted fireballs, lightning with enhanced stun for mobile enemies, and even high-velocity arrows.

The combination I loved the most is combining Nova and Trap on a Concussion spell, which turns into a large lightning mine that once enemies step in, BAM!

The triangular spellcasting system using runes. 

Choosing your Own Path. Choices.

The last time I played a game like this is from a book of Asterix way back 1998, which features choices. The story progresses as you make choices. Some choices bring you to the battlefield and some will offer you items such as essences, health potions, unique pieces of equipment, and even spells! Even the vendor is also a choice. And whenever you start a new game, the mountains are generated randomly, adding little to your decision making complexities.

Fictorum 5_18_2018 10_50_14 PM

What makes it challenging is that you can only replenish your health potion through visiting magical shops which only appears once per chapter in exchange of expensive essences, and also available in the battlefield in minimal quantities only. Health is wealth indeed.

If at some point you died in the battlefield, the game allows you to rewrite history (sometimes it’s herstory) and re-take the quest BUT the Inquisition will still move forward. Once you stepped on an invaded Inquisition mountain, you’ll enter a battlefield with the army which winning is futile as they are produced infinitely, which is a wrong choice.

Fictorum 5_18_2018 10_49_49 PM
The loading screen is cool (and the hint below shows why choices are important).

Enchanting and Disenchanting

Fictorum 5_18_2018 10_56_38 PM
Enchantment and disenchantment screen.

Enchantments allow you to strengthen your gears and your spells with essences, while disenchantment returns essences in exchange for the item disappearing. While it’s very nice that upgrading gears are simple enough, it makes you think why? It seems the upgrades weren’t that large enough to make a difference. However, if you are strategic enough, you won’t really need to upgrade your spells and a good combination of runes (the one at the right of the triangle) is enough to win the battle!

Parts that Needs Improvement

While there are a lot of interesting features Fictorum made to contribute to the overall game, there are also parts that need some improvement. While these are wish lists, it didn’t entirely ruin my experience.

  • The story being randomly generated is sometimes repeated. While it’s not a deal breaker as I can still destroy buildings and eliminate people as promised by the game, for people who love the lore might see it as a turn-off.
  • Add at least two or three more elements (like wind, light, and dark) and more runes. The concept is already very good for me, but a nice variety is a plus! A rune that would really be cool is homing missiles, element change from fire to ice or even a feature that allows you to combine elements and have it once per battle use.
  • The player durability, even on Easy mode may need some little buffs for the newbies, and from medium onwards, you can reduce them.

Overall, this game is awesome enough. Please do not forget to support the developers, buy the game!

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