Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced dungeon crawler game created by Contingent99, a two-person indie dev team based in Los Angeles. It features a quick-action combat, 100+ magical spells called Arcana, divided into five elements: air, earth, fire, lightning and water, and numerous relics that will help you undergo the Chaos Trials, defeat the Council of Magic and become the Wizard of Legend.

I acquired this game with curiosity about how can 16-bit graphics be a great game.

When I was working on acquiring my dot com domain, WordPress keeps on rejecting my MasterCard for some reason, I called the bank and check if the bank is the one declining it. To retest that card again, I bought this game.

Main Goal: The Chaos Trials

Wizard of Legend 5_20_2018 4_36_15 PM
The Chaos Trials

The aspiring wizard undergoes the Chaos of Trials, a set of dungeons with their corresponding Council of Magic. The order of the stages is quite random – your first stage can be either fire, ice or earth, so preparation is a bit troublesome but worth a challenge.

The good thing is, while each spell follows a weakness chart, you can finish the game with solely one or two elements on your arsenal, which depends on how your mage would you want to be. I personally love using Lightning and Air spells, as you can really mix and match with them.

The game has two currencies: gold and chaos gems. Chaos gems are used to buy spells, relics, clothing, and exchange 20 pieces of it to gold for an extra advantage. Gold is used inside the dungeon to buy relics and arcanas, however, these are temporary unlike buying the same spells via chaos gems, which is permanent.

Wizard of Legend 5_20_2018 4_35_19 PM
The Spell Shop.
Wizard of Legend 5_20_2018 4_35_26 PM
The Relic Shop

In addition to spells and relics, the clothes shop at the upper-right corner of the town offers equipment that grants the player buffs in percentages like increased max health, defence, evasion, and much more.

Wizard of Legend 5_20_2018 4_35_34 PM
The Clothes Shop. 

Interesting Features

Wizard of Legend has a lot of interesting features for me.

You can only bring only four spells and one relic. This means you have to either stick to your preferred combos or go jack-of-all-trades. However, as you go along with the journey, you can purchase spells and relics from the shop.

There are also various shops that offer you other things such as curses, which may or may not be helpful on your journey out there, or someone that can re-shuffle your currently equipped arcana (temporarily) and by RNG gods, get better or worse spell in exchange.

Wizard of Legend 5_20_2018 4_36_22 PM
Arcana Equipment and Information screen (ignore that popup below lols)

Oh and being reckless here will cause you more headaches. Health recovery here is scarce (it seems this becomes a running theme of most games that looks easy at first sight these days) as you can restore your health by orbs, healing potions from shops, relics that allow you to gain health by dealing critical damage or boost health orb drops.

2-Player Mode and Versus Mode

While I haven’t tried this mode, 2-Player mode throws the players into more difficult stages, and the best thing is, it is not split-screen, meaning you can still see the screen without any divides at all. Looks interesting, however, it seems it’s more of 2 local players (and not online mode). Still interesting, since when you are with your significant other, you can play it together!

If 2-Player mode is possible, so is Versus mode. Haven’t tried Versus mode too, but it seems fun!

Final Thoughts

It is a very good game if you like 16-bit game with RPG elements. For me, I really crave for some 16-bit games these days, and Wizard of Legend is something that I want to see more in the future (Trove comes to mind).

While the game is funded by Kickstarter, I am hopeful that this game will grow. As of this writing, their Kickstarter has two more features upcoming, one is Legendary Mode and another is Alternate Wizard Costume.

Overall, I LOVE THIS! ❤

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