10 NES Games During my Childhood

Sometimes, looking back into the past makes you wonder what you have actually missed during those times. As a 5-year old kid (1996), there weren’t any consoles that I really know how to play – all I remember is that acquiring a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or known in the Philippines that time as the Family Computer proves that your family is big time.

When a neighbour has one, other kids in the neighbourhood won’t hesitate to at least watch you outside of your house, doorsteps, windows, you name it (those kids you don’t even realize they were there) or even enter your house without any permission and play with you on the second controller. It’s fun but not all of these kids are good in sportsmanship.

Mario 2
The nostalgia of playing Super Mario Bros. 2 using Princess Toadstool (Princess Peach)

Of course, come 2018, the NES is a quite a sight these days which an ordinary kid won’t know it’s a gaming console. Last time I checked in the Toy Kingdom, they still sell NES consoles. However, the rarity of some titles like Castlevania would probably be high, and if it is that rare, emulators are your best bet. There are debatable reasons in legal and moral terms as to when or when not to use an emulator, but we won’t go there for now.

Well then, let’s start digging my past as a kid rainbow mage with 10 of my games I clearly remember playing them. I’ll keep them short and succinct. 🙂

Battle City

Battle City looks like Bomberman, but you are a tank. The main goal of the game is to destroy all the enemy tanks while protecting that bird enclosed with bricks which turns into steel with a power-up. This game features 2-player gameplay and a free-edit mode for having fun with other people. Build the map then battle! I remember playing around with construction mode, placing the starting points of the tanks surrounded by bricks.


Ahh, the game which gives you 30 lives for inputting the Konami Code. Contra is one of the most popular games due to its run-and-gun gameplay and multiple point-of-view screens. The game features the standard view, a pseudo-3d view, and a fixed screen format – which makes it more exciting. You also get weapons, such as a laser beam, fireball gun, spread gun and a heavy machine gun from the flying item capsules, pill boxes, or defeating specific enemies.

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario is that one game I clearly won’t forget, simply because this game is the only game I played in my neighbour’s house. The game is very simple – match the capsules with the colors of the germs inside the jar (more like the throat – bottle version). The levels and speed increase the difficulty of the game. I can only manage to complete it on the 7th level of high speed and high viral count.


Flipull is a tile-matching game. You play as an orange slime (that’s how I can describe it) in a ladder. The game’s objective is quite simple: match all the tiles with the one you’re holding until you reach to a point that the pattern you’re holding has no matches anymore with the bunch. This game is great to play with or without strategy as all blocks are randomized carefully (not perfectly though). There are two modes, the normal and the advanced mode. In Advanced mode, you have 50 levels to work on – though you can play endless until you stop.

G.I. Joe – The Real American Hero

The game that my brothers always borrow from my cousins, G.I. Joe is something you do not want to miss. G.I. Joe is a run-and-gun game, similar to Contra, but allows you to have 3 characters in the team with one chosen by the game and the two are freely chosen. The main goal is to navigate the six stages of multiple locations in order to take down Cobra, the antagonist of the game.

The nostalgia of the background music of the title screen creeps me out.

Hudson’s Adventure Island – Classic in the Pacific

The boy in an underwear, Hudson’s Adventure Island is a gem for me. It’s a side-scrolling game which you play as Master Higgins, to a place in South Pacific, with the goal to save Princess Tina from the Evil Witch Doctor.

It features 32 levels, divided into 8 worlds and each world has 4 stages with 4 checkpoints. It’s the game that my brothers poke around with me as I was like Master Higgins in real life, walking on underwear only all the time (we don’t really care that much until we have grown up), which makes it more memorable.

Ice Climber

Ice Climber is the game I frequently play with my brothers when we are very bored in our lives, especially while raining, in front of a bowl of cookies. It’s a vertical platformer game which contains 32 levels of mountain climbing in order to get back the vegetables the giant bird stole from you. It also has a bonus stage inside every levels to increase more points and grab the bird at the top of the mountain.

Lode Runner

Ahh, the game that makes me think that I was farming a bunch of rice ready for cooking. Lode Runner is a platform video game which is more like a puzzle game. You are a miner  in search for gold (the one that looks like a pile of rice) while avoiding the guards. You are also able to trap them by digging a hole or lure them away. Interestingly, the enemy AI seems to be a bit smart as they can also walk in a direction opposite from you.

It has 150 levels so you have work to do. 😛


Tetris (Russian: Тетрис) is one of the most amazing puzzle games I’ve ever played in my whole life, to the point that I even brought a Brick Game device just to play it while waiting for the service bus going home.

The game generates random tetriminos for you to move around and turn it one way or another in a limited space called the well. Once the well has the horizontal line of ten units without gaps, you get a score, ranging from single, double, triple, or tetris (4 lines). Some versions of Tetris allow you to achieve 5 horizontal clears with an I tetriminos with 5 blocks. Well, as long as the basic rules are in place, developers can do what they like.

The screenshot above is my favorite version of all the Tetris I played. Due to its interesting gameplay, a lot of versions were developed like Tetris Battle on Facebook, which allows 2 online players battle each other for the ranks.

Vice: Project Doom

I made mention of this on my Day 1 of #RGB30Days on Twitter, which is my very first game I played in my whole life.

Vice: Project Doom is a run-and-gun game which also have 3 kinds of gameplay: side-scrolling for most of the games, driving stages, and a Duck Hunt style of gameplay. It is interesting because it features a movie-like narrative, which clearly tells a story rather than relying on lore out of their histories in the game book.

Well there you have it! 10 games in one post. Even if I keep on forgetting these games I’ve played in the past, they will always be in my heart. ❤

“Your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you.” 

― Sarah DessenWhat Happened to Goodbye

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