Colorzzle is an easy-to-play puzzle game created by Darong Studio and is available on Android and iOS. I could say, this is a gem from a lot of derp mobile games!

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. 

~ Maya Angelou

I rarely review mobile games due to most of the mobile games being pay to win or pay to move to the next story rather than being a game, but I think I have to make exception to a few gems such as Colorzzle.

I picked up this game during my shopping spree of zero-peso apps from the premium category of Google Play last 20th of June, 2018. When I opened the game, after a few introduction screens, the game starts immediately. No chickens, no ducks, just straight in the game.

Looks so dandy after clearing a stage.

Colorzzle’s objective is very simple: Match the colours and make flowers, trees, and a lot more growing in their respective boxes. This game makes you review your colour wheel and apply them as necessary. As the game advances, it provides incremental challenges, such as adding flipping mirrors, flipping colour palettes, colour lasers, interchanging plant boxes and much more.

Transfer those plant boxes and grow some flowers and trees!
A combination of plant box transfers, and colour lasers.

With 100+ levels, I’m pretty sure this can keep you pre-occupied during your idle times, but with a price of less than a dollar (it’s Php 46.00 for my currency, but got it for free), it’s really a good game for me to miss this out. I hope the developer can keep creating more levels or maybe apps that are as simple and as beautiful as this one! 🙂

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