Unwritten Scrolls of the Rainbow Mage

I have been wandering about in the corporate world these past few weeks; too many things going on but here I am, catching up with you all!

I decided to share with you my 6 drafts instead, which are all 1% work in progress. What stops me to discuss these 6 drafts?

Let’s give it a run down. These posts can be expected to be fleshed out soon enough in a form of scheduled posts, so let’s go and tackle them.

Diablo III. This game has been one of my pending list of reviews since the era of my old blog. While Diablo III is an “okay” game for me, I am in a bind because the game has a rich lore too, and I might miss a lot of things that will refer me back to either the book or any literature.

The Line Between Work and Play: Balance. I know it’s a bit of a not-so-creative title (hey, I welcome suggestions too!) but I can relate to this a lot, so I thought why not create this kind of post too with much more concentration about gaming. It might touch a bit about gaming addiction (which I am neutral about), but it can be a hot topic somehow.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Dragopolis. My actual first game review on a mobile platform but Colorzzle is really cool not to give a review about. I have like a few screenies and recordings on this game, and will probably discuss the game of course, and the struggles of looking for a mobile phone screen recording.

To PS4 or To Switch, Choices! I posted this question from the Mage Chat on Discord and asked around from other gamers out there, and it still doesn’t lead me to a better decision on which to choose. It can be that I may not need one, or maybe both of them. You could also help me guys decide too if you like (just comment below). What I can write about on this part is that I can discuss what I desire to play on each console and are they viable in my current setup.

Remnants of the Ancients: Abandonware. In this post, I am tackling about abandonware, a software that has been abandoned due to several reasons, from hardware availability, source code access and even copyright issues (I am not a lawyer here, so I’ll just tap into some sources) that entails software ownership as free downloads.

So, there you have it. 6 topics that may be worth a discussion through a blog post, but stuck somewhere due to responsibilities of my work.

But I just stated 5! Golly, I’m so bad at math! Or am I?

See you later mages. 🙂

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