Warframe (2013)

I love Warframe so much that I wanna be Space Richter Belmont here in this game! Why and how can it be possible though? I just woke up, picked up a whip and fly a spaceship! Here only in Warframe. 😛

“After all, justice in this world is just a bunch of principles, made by those with power to suit themselves.”
~ Ciel Phantomhive, Kuroshitsuji


Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter game, developed by Digital Extremes (DE), which contains some RPG elements. I got hooked into this game when I learned that I can wield whips and cast spells without losing the sci-fi elements (sorry, rods don’t really give you rainbow powers). One of the surprising facts about Warframe is that it only has a very minimum system requirement to run, which of course, better gaming rigs mean smoother gameplay.

My first whip is Lecta, a lightning charged whip. C’mon Richter Belmont, let’s get sickening!

Gameplay & Economy

You are a member of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors, just woke up from a cryosleep, and found out you have a war to join which are between the Grineer, Corpus, Infestations and the Sentients.

When you start the game, you are given three Warframes to choose, Excalibur, which is a balanced warframe ideal for beginners. Because I have no clue what to choose as a starter, I chose this one while the other two being Mag and Volt. Mag is a warframe that allows you to control magnetic fields while Volt, as the name implies, gives you control over electricity.

While you progress into the game, you acquire blueprints, much like recipes to construct weapons, warframes, and items useful for other quests. Weapons are classified into four and you can bring 4 of them every time you go into a mission:

  • Primary Weapons. Ranges from shotguns, bows, assault rifles, sniper rifles, launchers and spearguns.
  • Secondary Weapons. Ranges from single and dual sidearms, single and dual pistols, and shotgun sidearms.
  • Melee Weapons. Ranges from swords. spears, hammers, daggers, scythes, whips, and so much more!
  • Warframe Skills. These are useful skills which can be found on your warframe. My Excalibur can wield a katana that produces wind blades to cut through enemies. Note that there are 34 more to choose from so I am not limited with my katana, though making one and acquiring one takes your most valuable resource of all – time!

What’s interesting in this game is that, when you craft items, it’ll take you the least is an hour, while weapons and warframes take from 12 hours up to more than 3 days.

That frame sure takes time to build. Perks of being freemium.

It’s my first game that tells me to go outside and get a life while the craft machine builds it for you. Of course, if you are the impatient one, you can just rush it with Platinum (nicknamed Plats), the in-game currency with real cash involved. However, DE actually loves your money so much with the following prices below.

The lowest tier is almost PHP 265.00 and it’s still expensive.

BUT if you are very lucky, the game’s daily login bonus (a.k.a RNG) can offer you as high as 75% discount to Platinum prices for a limited time, so that means you can buy Platinums cheaply for some of the items. To be honest, I got one once and tempted to spend money on that, but thankfully I didn’t give in. When I almost got tempted, I did a research and found out that most of the items in-game are acquirable via blueprints. The items that are acquirable by Platinums are cosmetics such as colour schemes, changing your ship’s design, and much more.

Warframe’s Marketplace for real-cash consumers.

My impressions at this point are that I can still win without spending Platinums, and keep my patience in check. I haven’t spent any real money on cosmetics and fashion, but more on items that are super useful to use up with.

Modifiers (Mods)

My whip’s modifiers. Not that strong yet, but going there.

Modifiers (nicknamed Mods) are responsible for improving your weapon’s power. While my whip is a melee weapon, only mods which improve melee and whip-specific stances are useful here. The number of modifiers is dictated by Capacity (upper-left corner), which increases with specific conditions such as weapon level and grinding specific mods. There are also items which allow you to add another polarity, an enhancement which reduces the slot cost of mods that complies with it.

Being an MMO player, I’m already used to the fact that percentages are greater than flat stat bonuses, and Warframe is no exception to that concept.

The Game’s Universe

Solar system… in a nutshell?

Of course, being sci-fi in nature, why would I expect anything different than planets and asteroids? Actually, I felt that Warframe has grown a lot already and amazingly when I started playing it, even most maps are almost the same in layout. The story in the Codex shows you the story of the Tenno. Sadly, you cannot tour anywhere in the Solar System until you unlock the junctions on each planet. This also means you have to complete each and every quest to proceed. As you jump from planet to planet, you eventually get accustomed to the game and enemies’ levels increase too. With skill, you can conquer higher enemies, but don’t get too brave or you’ll fail.

Earth in a nutshell… somewhere in 9999999999999 A.D.

Warframe features a lot of game modes when you venture into each planet, and because there are 19 game modes, you won’t get tired of getting repetitive grind fest. So far, I have experienced 14 of the 19 available game modes stated in the Wikia site of Warframe, but I’ll reveal a few so you won’t be spoiled much.

  • Assassination. Technically a boss fight mission – eliminate the bad guy in the bunch. Most of these type of missions are tied to the storyline.
A boss battle against Lt. Lech Kril and Captain Vor.
  • Excavation. Dig and you shall be rewarded. The mission will point you to excavation points and your task is to defend the excavators from enemies. Note that as you progress further, enemies increase in levels. The highest I have been able to reach is Infestations Lv. 44.
  • Exterminate. You are tasked to kill a specific number of enemies “to break their ranks”, which I doubt it will break their ranks since the enemies keep on coming.
  • Free Roam/Bounty. This type of mission is so much fun with a party of four members, roaming around and solving emergency orders along the way such as exterminating a specific number of enemies or looking for caches for treasure.
  • Capture. Hunt him and capture him. Funny that you capture the target by making him evaporate.
Depending on what planet you are in, unlocking doors, and disarming alarms vary on what puzzle the game will offer.
  • Spy. This is one of the least fun mission for me (I am not really a fan of stealth games). You are tasked to steal data from specific areas, which if you are near the target console, increased security will keep you cautious on your actions.
  • Survival. This is one of the most fun mission types as this will test your warframe’s endurance and your skill to keep up with the mobs. Some story quests require you to survive at least 10 minutes before the game considers it successful, while most of these missions are survival of the fittest. Added to the fact that the infamous life support system should be maintained higher than 0 to avoid gradual damage until you reach 5 HP.

The Clan Dojo

This looks hauntingly familiar…

The Clan Dojo serves as the headquarters of your team. In Warframe, the clan is tiered into four, Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain and Moon, which grants the clan maximum member capacity. Of course, my clan is only up to Shadow tier simply because we’re just 4. The dojo also offers research centres which give players the ability to establish warfare by contributing items to be able to start projects in a form of research. Like any game, research here takes days to get various weaponry from different races – an example is you can acquire an Infestation-themed weapon at the Bio Lab, which makes sense since research is not just your daily copy-paste-edit-submit-yay!

Looks dank pew pew weapons! but hold your horses, most weapons require higher mastery ranks!

Again, Warframe makes acquisition longer than you expect, unlike other games so you can play your other games while waiting for the research to complete. The research, once completed, is now available across all members of the clan by replicating them into blueprints. You know the drill. Another 2-3 days again to be able to use them, added to the fact that you still have to hunt those materials across the solar system. In my opinion, this is a very neat system which encourages teammates to contribute to the coffers for the benefit of everyone.


Who’s the good doggo?

Companions are one interesting feature of Warframe. You have a choice between Kavats, Kubrows (the doggo in the picture) and Sentinels. While I never got a Kavat yet, I have a Kubrow and a Sentinel. These companions help you in your quest such as giving support through various means, such as freezing enemies, rushing and devouring them, giving you an edge over your enemies.

Taxon, the Sentinel.

Some Eye Candies


Final Thoughts

I never expected Warframe would keep me hooked that hard. It was one of the best sci-fi games I played so far. All I can say is it’s one of my candidates for games that I would love to play, alongside Phantasy Star Online 2.

How about you? Have you played Warframe? If so, what are your thoughts? See ya later, fellow gamers~ 😀

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