Sunshine Blogger Award – Part 1

I was nominated by Alex Sigsworth with an award! My very first award in my whole blogging life. 😛 Though I have a long overdue blog post in the works, I’ve thought that this would be also fun! I was asked to answer some interesting questions from Alex, and provide back some questions as well.

“Couldn’t get anyone to take that on. Early lunch for Konzu!”

~ Konzu, Warframe


Let’s get started!

01. How do you hope you’ll change as a gamer in the future?

Tapping more into retro gaming is what I hope to enjoy. The roadblocks that prevent me to go to this path is the fact that I have just plenty of space for things so I’m more worried about keeping all those consoles clean and well-maintained. Maybe when I acquire my new home in 2023, I can design my unit to have space for them. 🙂 Emulation is also a choice, however, the experience of playing it on the real one is better!

02. What game kept you up at night?

While some people may not receive my answer well, but the games that keep me up at night are the games that I enjoy playing with my friends – Warframe and Fire Emblem Heroes. At this point in my life, I can no longer afford to pick games that lead me to a lot of grinding and beating against time. I no longer do min-maxing stuff as it adds more stress than fun to gaming.


03. Which solution to a video game level are you most proud of having devised?

I am not very creative with solutions, but Dark Cloud actually gave me ideas to play around when designing towns wherein you should be able to meet their requests while placing out those Georamas on the blank map. I want more Dark Cloud-kind of games! :<

Customizing your georamas is one interesting feature in Dark Cloud. Placing them on the blank map can have creative solutions. 

04. Have you ever pirated a game?

It ain’t a secret that I did pirate a game, but then I pirate games because I cannot afford the game as I am still in college that time and my finances rely only on my mother’s “pabaon” (allowances). When I got myself a high-paying job, I started to buy the games I wanted and top up some cash-based currencies when it is worth the support to the developers. Hey, if you want them to create more games, support them! 🙂

05. Have you ever lied about playing a game in order to impress someone?

Sometimes, I lie just to keep the conversations flowing. I did this when it was my first time dating a guy because he got bored of me talking about my games. When he told me that he only plays Mobile Legends and is not open for other kinds of games, I felt he’s not the one I am looking for so I lied my way just to end that night and told him politely that I am no longer interested in taking it to a next date.

I felt sad that they call themselves gamers when they have only played a single game and no other, but who am I to judge.

06. What game do you regret not playing?

If there’s one game I regret not playing is Trapt (a.ka. Kagero II: Dark Illusion) as I found out that it is similar to the Deception series on the original PlayStation.

07. How does gaming give your life meaning?

It allows me to have a great time after long hours of work as well as it helps me be comfortable with what games I can have and what I can get soon. Games can be a medium for a greater investment – memories. I’ve had a bunch of great friends and new acquaintances, thanks to MMORPG games and social media so that’s one important thing!


08. In what way do you think other gamers would be most critical of you?

They would be more critical of my choices because I don’t join in the hype train, I  arrive late, or it is not frequently known to the general public.  When people invite me to join and play DotA 2, League of Legends, Black Desert Online, etc., I usually refuse as I’ve tried them already and it is not my cup of tea. Also, some gamers will most likely criticize me of using adventure packs DLC to speed up the game progress. While I liked the game mechanics such as Tales of Berseria‘s gameplay, I am more interested in how the story goes.

09. Have you ever regretted investing so much time in a particular game?

When it comes to gaming, I do not regret even a single thing. When quality MMORPG games were still a thing, slacking and having a good time with teammates, especially when there is nothing to do helped me to train my English communication skills simply because not everyone in the team understands the Filipino language except the famous Filipino curse words such as put tank in a mall which I rarely use. With this kind of activity, even a virtual environment can create memories as well, so I don’t regret them.

10. Has any game ever made you feel anxious?

Yes. Resident Evil 4 is that game I felt most anxious continuing, though I can also elect Doki Doki Literature Club in this. It had the biggest impact on my dreams, an example when Leon performs a headshot on the enemy and a pair of pincers appear afterwards.

11. Which genre of game do you wish you were better at playing?

I wish I am better at horror, racing and FPS games. Due to my psychological limitations, I can’t stand horror games. With racing, I am bad at customizing cars and keeping up with twists and turns of the road – the reason I can’t be a driver. Lastly, with FPS, my eyes aren’t trained for sniping.

And there you go! ❤

Now for my nominee’s questions – I don’t have nominees as I am not really that active in terms of blog posts thanks to life priorities, but if you are interested, just go ahead and answer mine. 🙂

  1. How do you choose your games?
  2. Have you experienced playing games in the arcade, just like the old times?
  3. How do you plan your spendings with your games?
  4. Have you had bothered playing smartphone games? Why or why not?
  5. Do you go to gaming conventions? If so, what do you always look forward to it? If not, why are you not into it?
  6. Do you write game reviews? If so, describe how do you start writing one?
  7. What is the best game have you played so far?
  8. What is the worst game have you played so far? What are the elements of that game that makes your impression worst?
  9. In all of the games you have played so far, what element of the game are you most interested?
  10. Tell me a time where you share your own gaming stories and enabled someone to be inspired by you?
  11. Do you use cheat codes in games? Why or why not?

Remember to leave your comments or your answers as well in the comments section. I’ll be glad to read them! 🙂

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