The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

When I got the new Nintendo Switch (no, not really new since I bought it already last October), this game is the second one I bought alongside Octopath Traveler. I am much more curious about the hype so I jumped in. Please do remember that I am not a complete Zelda fan, so please bear with me. 🙂

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.

– Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game published by Nintendo. Surely, this game is so amazing that it even piqued the non-Zelda fans’ interests to the game. This game was my starting point to explore the various games of the series – quite late but it’s better to be late than never.

Surely the Kingdom of Hyrule is so wide that I wish I can see the NPCs walking children in nature.

Breath of the Wild is one of the open-world and non-linear progress in all the games I’ve played so far that really excites me every single day. The freedom to figure everything yourself out and the surprise of accidentally crossing with a boss is the greatest experience for me. A brave warrior can just rush to the final boss and call it a day, but of course, it spoils all the fun the game can offer.


You have the right. I’m Link. 😉

Set at the end of the Zelda timeline in the kingdom of Hyrule, guarded by the four Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon was defeated by Princess Zelda with the help of Link and was sealed away. 10,000 years later, Calamity Ganon has returned, possessed all the four Divine Beasts, and turned all of them against the kingdom of Hyrule. Afterwards, he went and bring the fight to Hyrule, effectively killing King Rhoam and his castle guards, as well as Link being gravely wounded. Princess Zelda decided to take Link to safety, hid Master Sword and trapped Ganon in the castle.

100 years later, Link awakens, without any memories of the past, set on an adventure to recollect his memories, save Princess Zelda and defeat Ganon, once and for all.


Breath of the Wild offers a lot of possibilities, thanks to the game being non-linear. Though the game gives you the next quest to go, you are not bound to follow them, but you’ll be rewarded with exploring and experimenting stuff.

Let’s start exploring the gameplay.


Hey doggo, want to try my Meat Skewers?

Cooking is one of the great features I liked in Breath of the Wild. The game doesn’t teach you recipes, or even how to use that stove. Without any recipes, you are encouraged to do trial-and-error. A failed food still heals you, but Link is so cute when he eats one (creepy~) Looking for the ingredients is also worth your adventure. From fishes to meats or even various insects and monster parts, just throw them to the stove. However, for monster parts and insects, it gives you an elixir of a specific property instead. Nice!


Soar like an eagle!

The paraglider is also a neat feature in Breath of the Wild. You can acquire the Paraglider from the Old Man (or King Rhoam’s spirit) early in the game.

Climb to any mountains you like, jump and press the X button and wheeee! This is useful when looking for shrines and towers that you need to visit. Now speaking of shrines and towers…

Shrines and Towers

One of the most frustrating puzzles you can encounter in those shrines. It took me like 2 days to solve this puzzle. 

As you explore around the world, you can see a lot of shrines and tall towers as well. Shrines contain puzzles (such as above) that you need to solve in order to grab a Spirit Orb. For every 4 Spirit Orbs, you can offer them to the statues such as below for an extra Heart or Stamina. If you wish to get Link’s Master Sword, you need 13 hearts minimum. I won’t tell why because this is not a walkthrough, you silly! 🙂

Dear Goddess Hylia, grant me more hearts, please. 😀

Towers, on the other hand, grants your Sheikah Slate (yup, your tablet that can take pictures has its own name) a region map once you successfully able to climb the tower. Some towers have their own gimmicks such as quicksand-like water and sticky Ganon’s slimes. These towers can also serve as your checkpoint for your paragliding purposes.



The Concept of Weather & Temperature


Oh, you think Breath of the Wild is just all that cool stuff huh? Well, just be careful not to get hit by the lightning. Yes! It features a weather system. Do not walk with a metal weapon or armour equipped or you’ll be an easy prey for the lightning. Hiding from the tall trees can protect you but sometimes, these trees get hit too. In other regions, there’s also a concept of too much heat and cold, so your dress matters. If you wear thick clothes in the Gerudo desert will gradually decrease your hearts, while wearing a cloth-based armour will burn you in Goron City, gradually decreasing your hearts as well.


There are a lot more with Breath of the Wild but I would prefer you seeing them for yourself 😉 Surely, this is worth my hard-earned money! I haven’t jumped into the DLC of Breath of the Wild, but I’m sure I’m on the way there! This game surely is a great start to diving deep down in the waters of Zelda series. Let me know your thoughts as well in the comments below, and see you next time! 😀



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