It’s the Little Thing Called Kindness

You’ll never know what someone’s day looks like – it can be that he is under pressure to meet expectations and juggle with financial problems, or it can be that he is having a very low self-esteem and doing his best to end the day to relax. Anyone has their own battles to face, and so you are.

From the Daily Inklings from Normal Happenings, we’ll talk about the little things that come in small packages and it’s something that we quite not see it everyday – the random acts of kindness. Our world has a short supply of kindness and it’s a small thing that brings friendships together. But then, even if it is not random, the act of being kind can help someone regain his drive throughout the day.

Kindness for Others through Actions

“Inbox messages await the Operator. I wonder what they say…?”

~ Cephalon Ordis, Warframe

A simple act of letting someone know how awesome he is, costs nothing to you but it’s of great value to that person. Maybe send a thank you message to someone that really helped you a lot on your struggles – letting know that you appreciate every single thing the person has done for you. It can even be in a form of a meme (who doesn’t love memes!)

You can also share your kindness to other people by just being a listening ear to someone in need. Simply ask how their day is going – you may get common responses like “I’m fine.” and it’s okay. They may not be in a mood to talk about something, but at least you reached out and show that you’re there when they need someone to talk. However. some people may only wanted someone to listen to them in which case, listen and don’t interrupt.

There are other ways to show kindness to other people – even sharing food is already one. 🙂

Kindness in Yourself

“No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.”

~ Lulu, Final Fantasy X

Showing your kindness to yourself can be as simple as telling yourself how awesome you are, but for others, it can be tough, especially when everything is in flames. By practicing gratefulness to yourself can help you remind yourself that you are alive and kicking, that you are ready to face what’s coming in your life, and that if you fail today, it’s gotta be okay.

If you’re somehow upset about something at work like poor performance reviews, or your colleagues not carrying their own weight, take a deep breath and count to 10 before you say anything. Ask yourself if what you’re going to say will be helpful. It will help you at least take control to prevent yourself from placing into uncomfortable situations.

Final Thoughts

Kindness always go both ways. As the golden rule says, “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you“. If you are being a kind person to somebody, they may or may not be able to reciprocate, but at least you are also being kind to yourself as well.


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