Behind The Grimoire of Rainbow Mage

Hey there! I’m Julius, a software developer by profession and a gamer by heart. I do web development for a living and playing games and exploration with friends during the weekends. I usually go by my IGN of Pico Genkaku & PicoNyanNyan in most online games I’ve played, but I make use of PicoNyanNyan as my main IGN. My IGNs are inspired by the well-known yaoi anime, Boku no Pico and Suikoden II’s Master Genkaku.

While it has been a long time before I reinvested my time and energy to blog and things happening in the background and thanks to life choices, I decided to push through this rebranded (and now on .com) blog of mine. It’s a risk to take but I am ready to take on different aspects of gaming – even horror games.

It’s time to break the curse and become one fierce rainbow mage! YAAAS!

I hope you enjoy your visit here! 🙂