Are You Emotionally Invested?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you got angry about a new update of the game you absolutely love, which you thought it wasn’t right and it wasn’t okay? How about losing several matches in a team-based game, and the feeling lingers even after you turned off the game? Or maybe you […]

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The Fierce Rainbow Mage

It has been months since I last posted on my old blog which will retire soon. I have contemplated about things in life and I realized I should not place myself inside a box and push myself for the better. With that, I am about to start again the journey of running a gaming blog.

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The Gamer Tag

Joining the Gamer Tag 😆 because it seems fun! 🙂 1. What is you gamer tag? I used to run any IGN as long as the name “Pico” is in it. Examples include PicoNyanNyan, Picoblahblah, Pico Genkaku or simply Pico. 2. PC or Console? Before I got a good gaming PC, Playstation 2 is my go-to […]

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