Sunshine Blogger Award – Part 1

I was nominated by Alex Sigsworth with an award! My very first award in my whole blogging life. 😛 Though I have a long overdue blog post in the works, I’ve thought that this would be also fun! I was asked to answer some interesting questions from Alex, and provide back some questions as well. Advertisements

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Are You Emotionally Invested?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you got angry about a new update of the game you absolutely love, which you thought it wasn’t right and it wasn’t okay? How about losing several matches in a team-based game, and the feeling lingers even after you turned off the game? Or maybe you […]

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The Fierce Rainbow Mage

It has been months since I last posted on my old blog which will retire soon. I have contemplated about things in life and I realized I should not place myself inside a box and push myself for the better. With that, I am about to start again the journey of running a gaming blog.

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The Gamer Tag

Joining the Gamer Tag 😆 because it seems fun! 🙂 1. What is you gamer tag? I used to run any IGN as long as the name “Pico” is in it. Examples include PicoNyanNyan, Picoblahblah, Pico Genkaku or simply Pico. 2. PC or Console? Before I got a good gaming PC, Playstation 2 is my go-to […]

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My First Steam Experience

At last, I had the courage to try spending for Steam. Well, it’s not my first time to spend something on games and whatnot, but this is my first time for Steam. For some reason, Steam has always attracted me but made me scared because I do not have any credit card to use for it. […]

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