Summoners’ War

For today, we’ll be reviewing a mobile game, Summoners’ War by Com2uS. Honestly, I am not a fan of mobile games due to some mobile games being dependent on auto-play features, some are troublesome to play and mostly are pay-to-win. But then, Summoners War isn’t one of them (hopefully).

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Ozine Fest 2017

It’s the time of the year again, one of my favorite conventions to satisfy my anime hunger, are cosplay conventions, thus the Ozine Fest 2017 happened, held at SM Megamall. Though I actually failed to come to the main concert of Mitsuko Horie and Takayuki Miyauchi (to be held today as of this writing), I only came […]

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The Gamer Tag

Joining the Gamer Tag 😆 because it seems fun! 🙂 1. What is you gamer tag? I used to run any IGN as long as the name “Pico” is in it. Examples include PicoNyanNyan, Picoblahblah, Pico Genkaku or simply Pico. 2. PC or Console? Before I got a good gaming PC, Playstation 2 is my go-to […]

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My First Steam Experience

At last, I had the courage to try spending for Steam. Well, it’s not my first time to spend something on games and whatnot, but this is my first time for Steam. For some reason, Steam has always attracted me but made me scared because I do not have any credit card to use for it. […]

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Animax Carnival PH 2016

Last October 15, 2016, I went to another cosplay event, the Animax Carnival PH 2016, in SMX Convention Center. My ultimate goal for this event is to buy my next Kongou sister, Haruna or Kirishima, which is, sadly, not yet available. I’ve been babbling about the Kongou Sisters since my first cosplay-related blog, so… if […]

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